The G&G CO2 Powered Xtreme 45 Full Metal Airsoft BB Gun is one of the best CO2 BB guns you can buy.  It is a semi-automatic pistol with Blowback.  It can hold 16 BBs and has an impressive velocity of 400 FPS (Feet per second) and a range of 60-70m.  Colour:  Orange, Black & Silver.   Dimensions: 22.0cm (L) x 14.7cm (H) x 3.4cm (W).  Weight:  960g.  This is an excellent quality BB Gun Pistol.   A Small Packet of approximately 50 BB Pellets are included with this item.  CO2 Gas BB Guns allow the BB Gun to be fired without the need to cock the gun before each pellet is fired.  A small 12g CO2 cartridge must be fitted for this gun to operate.  (NOT INCLUDED).  Please be aware that this is a very powerful BB Gun, please be extra careful when using this item.  Eye Protection should be worn at all times.

G&G CO2 Powered Xtreme 45 Full Metal Airsoft Semi-Automatic BB Gun Pistol with Blowback 400 FPS

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